ULViewer – You are my bitch

Let me just say, if you are not using ULViewer or don’t have it in your toolkit .. you should.

What it does: You know that cryptic error message you get in sharepoint .. come on, you know ..the Correlation ID: alksdlkjf-234l3245-0sllksdf-234234. Yeah that awesome error that tells you exactly what is wrong (not)! Well the ULViewer will shed some light on what is happening on your site when that error is generated.

So jump over to your Web Front End server and fire up ULViewer. Select File, Open, ULS Logs. Now Bring up the browser and reproduce that error. Jump back to ULViewer and press pause. Scroll up and look for the event code. You see it … now read the details.

I have found that 4 out of 5 times (that’s the tv version of math, not the scientific) that it will actually tell you what is wrong, either a missing file, missing feature .. etc.

Now use it .. and use it often.

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