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Here is some CSS for making Rounded Corners on a SharePoint 2010 Webpart Title

/* repeating background for header */
.ms-WPHeader .ms-WPHeaderTd, .ms-WPHeaderTdMenu, .ms-WPHeaderTdMenu:hover,
   background: url(‘wpart_back.jpg’) repeat-x center left;
   margin: 0;
   height: 33px;
   border-color:transparent ;

/* removes the background from the drop down arrow and the checkbox on right side of header and from the spacer cells before and after the header */
.ms-WPHeader .ms-WPHeaderTdMenu,

/* right rounded corner */
.ms-WPHeader .ms-wpTdSpace
 background-position: right  center;
 background-repeat: no-repeat;

/* left rounded corner */
.ms-WPHeader .ms-wpTdSpace:first-child
   background: url(‘wpart_left.jpg’) no-repeat;
   background-position: left center;
   padding-top: 0px;
   padding-left: 0px;

/* removes the underline from under the header */
.ms-WPHeader TD
    border-bottom: transparent 0px none !important;
    border-right: transparent 0px none !important;
    border-top: transparent 0px none !important;
    border-left: transparent 0px none !important;

/*wpart title padding left*/

/* wpart title */ a

not sure where I found this at but have been using for a year or two.

If its yours let me know so I can give credit where credit is due.

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How To: Using SharePoint Calculated Columns to Display Current Month List Items

1. create two computed columns (both calculated columns return Date Only values):

      a. Created First Day Of Month

            i. =DATE(YEAR([Created]),MONTH([Created]),1)

      b. Created Last Day Of Month

            i. =DATE(YEAR([Created]),MONTH([Created])+1,1)-1

I then added the below filters to view:

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Real quick before I forget:

Got the following error day on our Development Sharepoint 2010 server when I attempted to delete a Web Application.

“The located assembly’s manifest definition does not match the assembly reference. (Exception from HRESULT:0x80131040)”

Did an IISRESET on the application server and was able to delete

I believe this was because I was making changes to the web application and maybe it wasnt in sync with the DB?



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