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CSS for adding Rounded Corners to a SharePoint 2010 Webpart Title

Here is some CSS for making Rounded Corners on a SharePoint 2010 Webpart Title [code] /* repeating background for header */ .ms-WPHeader .ms-WPHeaderTd, .ms-WPHeaderTdMenu, .ms-WPHeaderTdMenu:hover, .ms-WPHeader TD.ms-WPHeaderTdSelection {    background: url(‘wpart_back.jpg’) repeat-x center left;    margin: 0;    height: 33px;    border-color:transparent ;    background-color:transparent; } /* removes the background from the drop down arrow and the […]

Creating Page Layout Preview Images

Images are located in en-us/PreviewImages from the Master Page Library. Edit a current PNG image in the en-us/en-us/Preview Images Directory (I edited BlankWebPartPage to get a starting one). Upload to this directory, check-in and approve On your parent site go to Site Actions –> Site Settings –> Master Pages and page Layouts under Galleries You can associate […]

Calling out Custom CSS on a page

In Customizing Sharepoint I needed to call some custom CSS. In this case I needed to put a banner across the top and a custom logo. The easiest way I found to do this is to create some CSS for the banner which would be [code] .s4-title {     background: url(‘Style Library/Custom Images/New_bgrnd.png’) no-repeat scroll […]

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